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​NouVeau on the Boulevard

NouVeau (Adj.) New, Fashionable, Different.

The Concept of NouVeau humbly started over 35 years ago, not as a name but as an idea. The idea that we start each day, open to all the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead. A renewal of our mind, the revival of our body, the resurgence of our spirit. Where creativity is embraced and reawakening inspired.

Formal or Special event coming? Introducing....

NouVeau on the Go

​​We understand the stress that goes with preparing for weddings, proms, and other special events. That's why we are so excited to offer our clients a new level of pampering with NouVeau On The Go. We have stylists specializing in upstyles and makeup that will travel to the location of your choosing allowing you to be able to relax and enjoy your special day. Our NouVeau On The Go coordinator will make sure that our part of your special day is more than taken care of.